The Advanced Beverage Technologies Story

Advanced Beverage Technologies(ABT) is both a holding company and the management hub of various related enterprises. ABT’s group of companies provide a range of innovative services and technologies to beverage producers including wine, beer, spirits, cider and other beverage industries worldwide.

Although established in 2017, ABT is rooted in the 30 year old company founded in 1991 by Tony Dann, ConeTech Inc. which pioneered the application of advanced technology to the management of flavor and alcohol in premium California wine. ConeTech introduced to the USA the high-tech Spinning Cone Column (SCC) — then the only means of separating a desired amount of alcohol from wine, totally without detriment to the wine’s delicate natural aromas and flavors. This once new technique is now a standard winemaking tool in various countries. ConeTech was also instrumental in bringing the same techniques and services to the American tea and coffee industries, with revolutionary effect and has been instrumental in the continued development of cutting edge innovative service developments including the SpiriTech process and a proprietary Smoke Taint removal process.  In addition, ConeTech in partnership with Logichem, a South African based group of engineers, developed GoLo technology which is distributed globally by ABT&E.

ABT was founded based on the need to bring together an expanded portfolio of companies all working synergistically to support the global innovative beverage industry.  ABT’s group of companies includes ConeTech and its four (4) global locations, PolarClad specializing in distribution of tank insulation and Vinfoil mixers, BevZero the North American marketing arm for ConeTech’s no alcohol beverage category, and ABT&E offering sales and support of GoLo technology worldwide.


Today, ABT Companies operate in four of the key wine growing regions including:

flagusa USA

flagsouthafrica South Africa

flagspain Spain

flag chile Chile