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ABT Products & Services — Wine & Beer

ConeTech Inc., the ABT group’s original company, pioneered the world’s first serious and widespread use of advanced technology (the Spinning Cone Column) to “manage” alcohol levels in premium wine — totally without detriment to the wine’s delicate natural aromas and flavors — resulting in ConeTech’s global leadership in providing such services to literally hundreds of wineries who use ConeTech’s help as a standard winemaking tool — originally in California but now in various other countries too. The skills of ConeTech’s six enologists have also complemented ConeTech’s technological leadership by developing reduced alcohol (“lifestyle”) and zero alcohol wines that surpass anything yet achieved by others in that difficult field. More recently, further improvement of its technologies and an extension of its product skills has led to ConeTech’s expansion of its services to the beer category.

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In partnership with a true scientist in the distillation field, Larry Wu, ABT formed SpiriTech which, with Wu’s vital help, improved and extended ConeTech’s skills and its range of technologies into spirits, and made an unprecedented discovery — how to achieve “molecular separation” in distilled spirits, in such a way as to enable creative emphasis on certain particularly desirable flavor compounds, while reducing or eliminating “undesirables”. This is achieved without adding anything to a premium spirit, nor in any way employing artificial elements to mimic or imitate a desired natural flavor profile. Spirits which SpiriTech can transform range from premium bourbon whiskey which, after only six months of barrel aging, can be made indistinguishable by experts from a four or six year old (and much smoother to boot), to even a new generation of Vodkas with totally natural retention of certain desirable flavor nuances.

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Soft Drinks

ConeTech Soft Drinks

ConeTech’s ability to “naturally dis-assemble” wine and wine- based beverages has led to successful development of a potential new generation of sophisticated “adult soft drinks” — with absolutely no alcohol at all, but which nonetheless embody the subtle and delicious fermentation flavor nuances that, for centuries, have delighted countless millions. A growing number of adult consumers, ranging from baby boomers to millennials, still find those flavors delightful, but simply no longer want the alcohol. ConeTech has made possible the first zero alcohol sparkling wines which are dry and as compatible with food and with social occasions as good wine has always been. ConeTech also offers a delicious sparkling zero alcohol Sangria which is not cloyingly sweet and appeals even to “sophisticated” palates.

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Fruit Juices

FruiTech Fruit Juices

JuiceTech is another ABT subsidiary, formed for the commercial development of a unique and proprietary system created for the removal of much of the sugar (and thus calories) in fresh (not from concentrate) orange juice.

Equipment Leasing

PolarClad Equipment Leasing

In response to growing demand from clients for onsite equipment, ABT will make its latest proprietary technology and process (GoLo™) available for leasing.  ABT began commercial deployment of the GoLo™ patented technology and process for its own use, in 2017.

Storage and Mixing

PolarClad Storage & Mixing

Based on the principle that delicate premium beverages such as wine require low temperature storage and gentle handling, ideally at low energy cost, another ABT subsidiary, PolarClad Inc., provides a highly successful, proprietary, high tech tank insulation system, now in widespread use by scores of major wineries throughout America’s west coast. PolarClad also has the exclusive representation of Vinfoil — the world’s leading technology, computer-designed, to gently mobilize and mix any liquid, with much lower shear and energy usage, yet more rapidly, than any other conventional mixing system. Vinfoil, now recognized as the ‘gold standard’ in its field, has been adopted by many of the west coast’s most technologically sophisticated wineries.

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